The Neck's Big Thing: Why we need a specialist neck cream to minimise the signs of ageing?

When it comes to skincare, the majority of us have a tried and tested beauty regime for the face, but may give little time or thought to the neck. So, it’s not surprising that today we are seeing a pattern where a youthful and healthy complexion can be impared by a lined neck and décolletage.

It is now time to step up your beauty regime and pay special attention to your neck and that means more than just extending the same beauty regime you already use.

Why does your neck deserve something different?

The skin on the neck ages in a similar way to the face, in that it shows the same symptoms of photo-ageing when exposed to sunlight, however the physiology of the skin on the neck differs from the skin on the face. The key difference is that the skin on the neck is thinner with greater elasticity and deeper grooves. Consequently, the skin on the neck is more likely to sag and to show early signs of ageing – something many of us witness when we look in the mirror. Even across the neck and décolletage the skin thickness varies, showing the vulnerability of the lower neck and décolletage.

Treat your neck to our new T.S.L Tighten, Sculpt and Lift Neck Elixir, a specially formulated cream to lift and firm the neck. Antioxidant-rich bioactives and peptides stimulate collagen and elastin production to protect the structural components of the skin and minimise the signs of ageing. Vitamin and mineral-rich Kale and Griffonia extracts protect skin and slow the damage arising from environmental.

Good care for the neck means much more than just extending the use of a facial moisturiser; ingredients specifically designed to help the skin on the neck are required. Nourish London’s T.S.L. Tighten, Sculpt and Lift Neck Elixir is packed with active ingredients designed to target the skin on the neck:

Nourish London Anti-Ageing T.S.L Tighten, Sculpt & Lift Neck Cream Elixir with Kale and Argan


  • Rejuvenates, rehydrates and repairs damaged skin with Rose of Jericho - Selaginella Lepidophylla Extract

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles after 28 days by making skin smoother and firmer with Caprooyl Tetrapeptide-3

  • Stimulates collagen production in the dermis and inhibits  collagen-degrading enzymes to maintain skin’s integrity with Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5

  • Reinforcing the natural skin defences, protects from the effects of UV and accelerates skin repair with Faex Extract




Before & After Results

Nourish London Before & After Results Anti-Ageing T.S.L Tighten Sculpt & Lift Neck Elixir Cream

In a recent consumer trial, we asked a sample of 26 women to test T.S.L Tighten, Sculpt and Lift Neck Elixir cream for 4 weeks. This showed some remarkable results:

Nourish London Consumer Trial Results Anti-Ageing T.S.L tighten Sculpt & Lift Neck Elixir Cream

Triallists gave some great feedback when asked for their comments:

Nourish London Anti-Ageing T.S.L Tighten, Sculpt & Lift Neck Elixir Consumer Trial Results

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