Are Nourish London products organic?

What is the Soil Association?

Are all the products suitable for vegans?

Are the products tested on animals?

What does 'advanced cellular perfection' mean?


Do Nourish London products contain parabens?

Do you use palm oil or its derivatives in your products?

Product Information

How long will my products last once I have opened them? Do they have a shelf life?

Is your packaging environmentally friendly? Can I recycle it?

Are the products safe to use during pregnancy?

Skincare Advice

What does a serum do? When should I use it?

What does a Toning Mist do? How should I use it?

I have oily skin, do I still need a moisturiser?

What skin care regime do you have for mature skin?

How do I use the cleansers?

What should I use on my skin at night?

When and how should I use Argan Skin Rescue?

How do I use the Argan Skin Renew Moisturiser?

What should I do with the Illuminating Face Shimmer?