Kale: What makes it perfect for your spring skincare routine?

Did you know? Pollution is one of the biggest aggressors when it comes to ageing your skin.

In fact, pollution is a significant cause of a variety of skin problems because pollutants have the ability to penetrate the dermis causing skin damage and promoting signs of ageing.
So, what can we do to limit skin damage from pollution?


“Cleansing is the most important element of any daily skin care routine because it removes airborne pollutants. Using a cleanser that neutralises pollution but does not strip the skin of the protective layers is important. Also, using circular motions to remove dirt and grime, for example gentle massage during exfoliation, can energise the skin which helps to mitigate the effects of pollution” adds Dr Pauline Hili.


Kale is high in vitamins A and K and is a powerful antioxidant. When applied topically (or consumed through the diet), Kale protects skin elasticity, decreases the appearance of wrinkles, improves skin suppleness and builds the skin’s resilience.

Eating a cup full of Kale and using Kale-rich skincare on a daily basis will provide the following benefits:

Nourish London Kale Skincare Benefits *DV: Daily Value.

So, pollution proof your skin by choosing Kale-rich skincare and say #ALLHAILTHEKALE in celebration of nature’s detoxifier.