Dr Pauline Hili is the founder and director of Natural Products Factory, and one of the UK's top organic skincare experts. She has published numerous research papers, and is the author of the book "The Antimicrobial Properties of Essential Oils". Dr Hili attained Fellow status with the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2009.  

In 2012 she created Nourish Skin Range, which is a culmination of all her knowledge of the skin functions and expertise in developing high-tech natural and organic formulations that deliver visible results and nurture skin in the most natural way possible. Nourish provides a modern skincare support system to keep skin in optimum health, designed to correct and improve the condition of the skin to give immediate and long-term results.
An award-winning Certified Organic skincare range, Nourish products use natural plant extracts and superfoods to protect, support and stimulate the skin’s natural processes.