An interview with Nourish founder Dr Pauline Hili

What's the philosophy behind the brand?

The philosophy behind Nourish is to adapt to your needs and empower you to make choices about your skin care. The concept is nature and nurture. Your skin is a dynamic organ that changes regularly and your lifestyle has an influence on how your skin behaves. Nourish encourages people not to stay wedded to a skin type but engage with what is happening with their world and how their skin behaves as a result.

The emerging theories on ageing suggest regular maintenance of the skin rather than a single magic solution is the key to slowing ageing. We have created a range of products to help nurture your skin to optimum health.

How did you come round to establishing your own brand? What's your previous background?

I have been a scientist working in food or cosmetics for my entire career. Firstly in brewing and then in cosmetics. I absolutely love working with plants and natural extracts so this career has really suited me. I have been involved in making organic cosmetics for the past 15 years. Having spent many years creating lots of products and setting up research programs it felt like a natural progression. I was then fortunate enough to meet my terrific business partner who had all the skills I did not and the brand was established.

What makes Nourish different?

Nourish offers a different approach to skin care. One that allows customers to personalise and tailor to their own lifestyle and find the healthiest solution for their own skin. We also wanted to make affordable, aspirational and active organic products and I believe we have succeeded.

Also the vast years of working with plant materials means we have the formulation skills to produce really original innovative formulas.

Our natural, organically certified Balance Range based on Apple aroma is a world first. Nobody has done this before. Our Golden Glow Toning Body Shimmer is also a world first: allowing one to buff up the skin and give it a golden glow  - organically.

Where do you source the ingredients from?

We use UK based suppliers who meet with our ethical purchasing criteria. The ingredients come from around the world but we only engage with suppliers who have experience supplying the natural and organic ingredients we use. We very much like to work closely with our suppliers in a collaborative manner so we evolve together.

Are you products all-natural / organic?

Yes all of our products are natural and organic

What's the way forward for skincare? Science or back to nature?

The way forwards for skincare is to apply the knowledge gained from the vast scientific progression made in the past 20 years, use technology really well and work with nature and natural human systems to provide a more personalised and empowering approach to skin health.

Do you think the average woman in UK looks after her skin well?

We surveyed over 2,000 women recently to ask what skin care routine most accurately fitted their own. Over 25% said they did not have a skin care routine and 38% said they regularly cleansed, toned and moisturised. I think the average UK woman does look after her skin well. As brand owners we need to make it easier for them by simplifying and demystifying how things work.