#NourishYourSkin Series: Protective Antioxidants - What are they & what are their skin benefits?

As skincare experts, it’s easy for us to slip into using skincare terminology and assuming everyone understands what we are talking about. We understand however that it sometimes feels like you need to study the entire language of skincare in order to simply understand what a product does or if it’s the right product for you. In our #NOURISHYOURSKIN series, we are endeavouring to demystify some of those skincare terms that are often used but rarely understood.

Let’s make a start with Antioxidants...

Firstly, what is an Antioxidant?

Nourish London Skincare What are Antioxidants Protect Free Radicals

Essentially, you can think about antioxidants a bit like our own personal bodyguards fighting to protect us. In slightly more scientific terms, an antioxidant is a substance (a chemical compound) that works inside and outside the body’s cells, protecting them from damage. Antioxidants protect our skin cells and literally “break the chain” of potential chemical destruction within the body.

They are one of our body’s natural superheroes.

Our skin is constantly under attack from ‘free radicals’ which cause stress and damage to our skin cells contributing to ageing and disease. Free radicals are naturally produced by our body when we break down food, when we are exposed to pollution (environmental, cigarette smoke, toxic chemicals, etc.) from bad diet, alcohol and also just from lack of sleep or stress.

What are the specific benefits of Antioxidants for my skin?

Nourish London Skincare Antioxidants Skin Benefits

Antioxidants benefit the entire body, inside and out. There are specific antioxidants that benefit specific organs or body systems. By choosing targeted antioxidant-rich foods and skincare, we can protect our skin cells and maintain healthy, smooth and supple skin.

Not only are there antioxidants that benefit specific parts of the body, different antioxidants can also deliver a whole variety of specific skincare benefits. For example, some help promote cell renewal and boost collagen, smoothing fine lines and protecting the skin from premature ageing. Other antioxidants work to improve skin tone, increase the circulation and brighten the skin and can also fight inflammation.

Antioxidants really do have super powers.

Antioxidant-rich skincare

Nourish London Antioxidant Rich Skincare

To ensure our products are effective and deliver the right benefits for each skin type or need, we carefully and scientifically select the appropriate range of antioxidant-rich ingredients.

For example, we packed a powerful combination into our NEW Antioxidant Multi-Tasking Super Balm.

These include:

  • Antioxidant Tea Oil helps protect the integrity of the lipid layer of the skin
  • Macadamia Oil with Linoleic Acid helps balance sebum production in combination skin and supplement reduced sebum levels in mature skin
  • Oil Soluble Vitamin C is essential for the production of healthy collagen and when applied topically, is 30 times more effective than when taken orally
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E) improves moisture levels in the skin
  • Bisabolol and Ginger help to fight Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) which are reactive chemicals that contribute to skin ageing
  • Kale Extract which boosts antioxidant activity and detoxifies and protects the skin against pollution
  • Patented Anti-ageing French Marine Algae extract which has excellent protective antioxidant properties to tone and firm the skin

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