Forty winks to avoid wrinkles: The Importance of Sleep & Skin

Getting the right amount of sleep and taking time to relax is one of the best things we can do to keep our skin looking  younger and healthier.

It is whilst we are asleep that our body can  recover and repair itself so less sleep equals less time for repair.

We know about effects like dark circles under the eyes and washed out skin tone but are less aware of the more long term damage from lack of sleep, such as more rapid ageing of the skin.

As the largest organ in the body, skin is very affected by lack of sleep; a notable change is a reduction in the integrity and quality of collagen. Stress, through sleep deprivation, seems to affect the integrity of the skin collagen through a hormone pathway in our bodies known as the glucocorticoid pathway. This in turn impacts our immune system and results in poor quality collagen being produced.

What does this mean for our skin?

Effects you might notice are:

- More blemishes and rashes on the body due to lower immunity

- Inflammation which can lead to more wrinkles and acne

- Higher tendency for eczema

- Skin can appear less toned and older

Follow the Nourish London three step night time ritual

Great for ensuring you wake up with a spring in your step and a naturally radiant skin.

  1. Drink a glass of warm antioxidant rich tea (e.g. decaffeinated green tea or a herbal tea of your choice). These antioxidants will help to mop up the day’s inflammation damage.
  2. Apply a moisturiser or facial oil to lock in moisture. Try Relax Calming Moisturiser or Argan Skin Rescue Facial Oil.
  3. Ensure your bedroom temperature is ambient.

Happy snoozing.