#NourishYourSkin Series: Argan Oil – Nature’s Liquid Gold

Argan Oil Origins

Argan Oil, often referred to as ‘Nature’s Liquid Gold’ is one of nature's finest ingredients. Produced from the nut of the Argan tree in Southwestern Morocco, Argan Oil is an excellent source of Vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants.

Did you know? The King of Morocco has declared the argan farming industry as a women-only workforce to remain true to tradition. Local Berber women work in fair-trade cooperatives where they hand-crack the nuts in between two stones, a technique they have used for centuries. Instead of being put through a machine, the raw kernels are hand-extracted from the hard shell, hand-ground in a stone grinder, hand-kneaded for hours and first cold-pressed into the oil. It takes one woman three days to make just one litre of oil.
Argan tree groves can last up to 200 years and grow up to 33ft high. Even goats like the argan nut and will climb any height to reach the nuts on the Argan tree and the fruity pulp inside.

Argan Nut

Argan Oil Benefits

You may have heard of argan oil for the hair but is argan oil good for skin? Is argan oil good for face?

Argan Oil has incredible conditioning and anti-ageing properties, which keeps the skin revitalised. One of the main reasons that Argan Oil is known for its healing properties is that it is rich in ferulic acid, Vitamin A and Vitamin E, which soothes dry skin and is easily absorbed. Argan Oil is also packed with antioxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids and Linoleic Acid.

Which skin types is Argan Oil suitable for?

Argan Oil is suitable for all skin types, including dehydrated skin but particularly good if your skin has been under stress from environmental or emotional circumstances.

Is Argan Oil better than other oils?

With a vast range of skincare oils available, how do we choose from Argan or Marula Oil? Argan or Rosehip Oil? Argan Oil or Castor Oil? Argan Oil or Jojoba Oil? What makes Argan Oil standout from other skincare oils?

Now is a great time of year to be really ensuring your skin tops up on its argan quotient. The high percent of ferulic acid means it is fantastic at protecting the skin from the effects of sunlight and what’s more it becomes more potent when exposed to the sun, because it helps to stabilise the Vitamin E and C needed to protect the skin. Research has shown it to be effective in alleviating rosacea, eczema and hyperpigmentation. For those skin types experiencing summertime large pores and excessive daytime skin oiliness, Argan Oil blended with Abyssinian Oil is great at bringing balance. A recent study has also shown that a combination of consuming Argan Oil and applying it topically can really benefit menopausal and post menopausal skin, by improving the elasticity.

How can I incorporate Argan Oil into my beauty regime?

We love organic Argan Oil at Nourish London. We combine it with a cocktail of beneficial oils such as Rosehip Oil, Borage Oil, Jojoba Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil and skin protective vitamins such as Vitamin E, B and C to give clinically proven improvements to the skin over a sustained period of time.

Our Argan collection is clinically proven to improve the hydration of the skin for over 24 hours and perfect for creating a plump and protected complexion at this time of year.

The Argan Supercharged Serum

Power up your skincare with our Argan Anti-Ageing Peptide Serum, a supercharged face serum formulated with a powerful anti-ageing cocktail of Tripeptides, Hyaluronic acid, Argan and Kale to boost collagen, smooth and nourish the skin and reduce fine lines. Tripeptides stimulate production of collagen to reduce fine lines. Argan Oil and Hyaluronic Acid hydrate and replenish the skin. Kale protects against pollution and minimises signs of ageing whilst Tonka bean extract boosts natural luminosity.

The Argan 24 hour Moisturiser

For an instant moisture boost indulge in Argan Skin Renew Moisturiser that is clinically shown to increase skin hydration by 25% for 24 hours and immediately replenishes moisture by 80%. Enriched with omega-rich Argan Oil, collagen boosting tripeptides and antioxidant Vitamin E, this luxurious daily moisturiser increases skin hydration, nourishes, smooths and firms the skin, helping to minimise signs of ageing. Precious oils of Frankincense, Myrrh and Borage rejuvenate the skin, whilst the remarkable Rose of Jericho optimises hydration and strengthens skin cells to reduce fine lines. Advanced cellular enzymes help respond to damage and repair skin, whilst also reducing water loss and improving hydration. Cellular density is also improved and effects of environmental and oxidative stress are reduced.

The Argan Beauty SOS Treatment

Treat your skin to a beauty SOS treatment with Argan Skin Rescue. This intensely nourishing organic and vegan face oil treatment helps to soothe and repair the skin. It is enriched with Argan Oil to boost suppleness, Abyssinian and Neroli Oil to improve elasticity and hydrate the skin. It simultaneously repairs stressed skin, enhances natural collagen and provides protection from further damage.

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