Balance Refining Toning Mist



Treat your skin to a quick pick me up with our soothing toning mist. Refines and helps balance your skin without leaving a tacky or sticky residue.

This refreshing mist helps fortify your skin's natural barriers against damaging free radicals. Calming properties soothe stressed, spot-prone skin.

Our toning mist not only hydrates, softens and smooths, it also prepares your skin to better absorb your moisturiser or serum, making your skin care routine extra effective.

For oily, combination & blemish-prone skin.

Oily skin can need extra care to keep it soft, supple and glowing with health rather than shining with excess sebum. This refining toning mist responds to the areas where your skin needs it most. With antioxidant vitamins C & E to protect collagen from damaging free radicals - which can be held onto the skin by excess oils.

Also contains vitamins B3 and B5 to stimulate natural cell metabolism and lipid production (lipids are the building blocks of the skin), keeping your skin soft and supple. With blemish-battling niacinamide. Let this toning mist help minimise pores, keep oils in check throughout the day and leave you feeling wonderfully refreshed.

97% Organic

Nourish London skincare formulations are 100% vegan, made with natural organic ingredients, alcohol (ethanol) free & cruelty-free.

    Grown by nature
    Formulated by us
    Independently certified 
    We’re not very good at compromising, so we don’t.
    We don’t think you should have to either.
    It’s why we make all our own skincare.
    So we can be sure everything is as  good as it can possibly be. 
    Then we ask the strictest independent experts we can find to certify it.
    So you know our skincare meets the highest quality standards.
    For your health and wellbeing, ours, the growers and the planet as a whole.


    Soil Association and Soil Association COSMOS Organic

    Organically grown natural goodness.
    These logos are your reassurance the product carrying them is made with pure natural ingredients organically-grown to protect wildlife, biodiversity and you.
    Renowned as the world’s strictest organic authorising body, gaining Soil Association COSMOS Organic approval is no mean feat.
    Every ingredient is checked before being certified organic – looking at how it’s grown, harvested, processed and traded.
    Every product is then examined, checking that every ingredient that can be organic is organic, there are no GM ingredients, petrochemicals, fake colours or fragrances… (their list of no-go ingredients is almost as long as ours!) and that there’s minimal packaging with recycled content.
    Then there’s the annual company audit. Every year they scrutinise how we do things, making sure we’re walking the talk.
    Which is why you’ll see this hard-won logo displayed with such pride.
    You can find out more about
    Or watch our Q & A session with Soil Association 


    Soil Association COSMOS Natural
    Pure and natural with absolutely no nasties.
    The world of natural cosmetics can feel a little bit like the wild west at times, with all sorts of dubious claims being made.
    ‘Greenwashing’ as it’s known, is when a product shouts about being ‘natural’ when it contains only the tiniest drop of a natural ingredient, or worse, contains ingredients we think should be banned from ever touching your skin.
    Soil Association COSMOS Natural certification guarantees a product contains at least 98% natural origin ingredients, with no ‘nasties’ like parabens or phthalates, synthetic colours, fragrances or genetically modified (GM) ingredients, and hasn’t been tested on animals.
    Products such as toners, masks and bath salts that are made with high levels of pure natural water, clay and salt – none of which can be ‘grown’ and so can’t be certified organic.
    You can find out more about

    Vegan Society

    Made without animals to be loved by every body.

    We never look for an easy ride, only the highest possible standards. Which is why we ask The Vegan Society, the world’s oldest and probably strictest vegan organisation, to certify our products.

    To do this, they inspect each product ingredient by ingredient, checking it contains no animal ingredients, no genetically modified organisms (GMO) and has undergone no animal testing.
    Only then will they certify it suitable for use by vegans, vegetarians and anyone wanting to avoid animal products.
    It’s a lot of work for the Vegan Society and for us, but we think it’s important and worth it. We hope you agree.
    You can find out more about The Vegan Society here.  
    Or watch our Q & A session with the Vegan Society 


    Cruelty-Free International

    No animal testing. We don’t want that on our conscience or our skin.

    Nourish London has never, and will never, test any of our skincare on animals. It’s unnecessary, cruel and in our opinion, just plain wrong.

    The globally recognised Cruelty Free International leaping bunny is your reassurance that our products have met their high standards, which go way above legal requirements.

    And it’s not just us who need to meet their standards, our suppliers do as well. We check that they've done this, then Cruelty Free International check our checking. Then they audit both us and our suppliers.

    Which is fine with us. We hope it gives you some comfort too.

    To find out more about Cruelty Free click here


     ISO 22716

    How we make our skincare is just as important as what we make.

    Your guarantee of our high quality products.

    Achieving the snappily entitled ISO 22716 standard indicates we have Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and meet stringent regulations. Basically that our products are high quality and safe for you to use, having been made to their high manufacturing standards. This means every step of the process, from production through control, storage and distribution, has been checked and approved.

    Detailed annual audits also reassure you that service levels are high, the manufacturing process is safe and the safety, quality and excellence of your product has been thoroughly checked and approved.

    You can find out more about  

    ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) here


    Proudly made in London 

    If you want something done right, do it yourself.  That’s why we make all our products in our own factory in London.

    From raw ingredient to finished award-winning skincare, we do it all ourselves.

    Our ambition is to make the world’s purest, highest quality, most health-boosting natural skincare and wellbeing products.

    To achieve our ambition, our products need to be made to the highest standards possible, the ones we set for ourselves.

    Nobody else would be as tough on us as we are. Which is why we make our products ourselves in our London skincare factory. This way we can check every single ingredient and every step of our manufacturing process, from raw ingredient to finished beautifully packaged product.

    Only when we’re completely happy is it allowed to leave our clutches. We’re a bit precious. And very proud.

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    1. Spray toning mist liberally over freshly cleansed skin morning and evening.
    2. Follow with your favourite serum and moisturiser - we recommend Balance Nutritious Hydrating Peptide Serum and Balance Essential Moisturiser for a complete oil-balancing skincare regime.
    Aqua (water), Pyrus malus (apple) fruit powder*, Pyrus malus (apple) fruit extract, Glycerin**, Sodium Levulinate, Levulinic acid, Potassium sorbate, Cetearyl glucoside, Niacinamide, Calcium pantothenate, Sodium ascorbyl acetate, Tocopheryl acetate, Pyridoxine HCL, Maltodextrin, Sodium starch octenylsuccinate, Silica. *Certified organic. **Organic origin.