What is a Skin Essence, what are the benefits and how do I use it?

What is an essence?

An essence is a light weight, water-based skin care product with a high concentration of ingredients that are active in hydrating, protecting, and enhancing skin health. Its texture lies somewhere in between a toner and a serum and serves as the foundation of any skin care routine for all skin types. It acts as a primer that enhances the efficacy of all your other leave-on products.’’

What are the benefits of including a Skin Essence in your beauty regime?

  1. Restores skin hydration to maintain a healthy barrier function: A strong skin barrier is essential for healthy skin as it helps the skin retain moisture and protect it from environmental pollution which can lead dryness and early ageing.
  2. Firming: When the skin is sufficiently hydrated, the skin cells are more luminous and plumper for a more youthful appearance.
  3. Protection: Antioxidant-rich ingredients combat free radicals and protect skin from the damaging effects of pollution, blue light, and UV radiation which can cause dehydration, inflammation, and accelerated ageing.
  4. Improved efficacy of skincare: Essences prepare the skin to better absorb serums and moisturisers as the skin can more readily absorb the active elements in these products when it is sufficiently hydrated.’’

How do you apply a Skin Essence?

After using a cleanser and toner, apply the essence to clean skin to boost the moisture levels in the skin cells regain. Gently tap into the skin allowing it to absorb fully before applying your serum and moisturiser.