Top Tips for Men's Skin

Our discussion this week is all about men's skin.

Men’s skin is different to women's skin and as such needs a slightly different skincare regime. It's 30% thicker than women's and contains more collagen than that of women which makes men age slightly later. However when their skin ageing starts, it happens quickly and the wrinkles appear deeper. Because men have more active sebaceous glands in their skin it can often appear quite oily.

Daily shaving

One of the major problems affecting men’s skin is due to daily shaving, which can lead to dehydration and the appearance of red bumps or shaving rash.  Razor burn is also common due to a lack of lubrication.



Men can also suffer from Rosacea which causes the skin to appear red or pink, with dilated blood vessels, and small red bumps particularly around the nose and cheek areas.



Beards have made a big come back but come with their own set of potential problems as they can harbour dirt, oils, germs, pollution, and dead skin cells which can clog the pores and irritate the skin if not washed regularly.


Here is our recommended skincare routine for men's skin.

1. Cleanse

Because men have more active sebaceous glands in their skin and produce more oil, environmental dirt and pollutants can stick to their face very easily. It's vital to include the beard in the cleansing step to wash the dirt, oils and germs away and keep the skin and hair healthy.

Look for a product that restores the moisture and controls sebum production. Our Kale 3D Cleanse deeply cleanses the skin, removing impurities and protecting against pollution without stripping the skin.

2. Exfoliate

Regular exfoliation will help unclog pores, removing dead skin cells and also help prevent ingrown hair while shaving.  For skin that gets red and irritated easily, its best to use a non physical scrub and instead opt for a more gentle option. 

Our Kale Enzymatic Exfoliator uses pomegranate and pineapple fruit enzymes and jojoba beads to gently exfoliate without scratching the skin.

3. Moisturise

A common misconception among men is that they don't have to moisturise. However men's skin needs the right quantity of hydration. Using a serum containing hyaluronic acid will lock in moisture and guards against dryness.

Our Protect Hydrating Peptide Serum quenches thirsty skin and stimulates collagen replenishment to firm and smooth, protecting skin and leaving it visibly healthy and hydrated.  

Using a face oil can help soothe shaving rash, razor burn and any shaving nicks. Our Argan Skin Rescue helps soothe and repair the skin after shaving with a powerful cocktail of organic argan oil and Abyssinian and bitter orange oils to improve elasticity and hydrate the skin and provide protection from further damage.  It can also be used as a beard oil to soften and condition the beard and keep it looking healthy.

4. Use an Eye Cream

Men's wrinkles often appear deeper particularly around the eye area.  Using an eye cream will help reduce the appearance of crow's feet and 'laughter lines'.  Our Kale Anti-ageing Eye Cream reduces the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.


Happy healthy skin to men everywhere!