The Beauty of Roses

Nourish London Radiance Skin Range featuring Roses

As hastily as January passed into memory, Valentine’s Day will be upon us. An annual bombardment of cupids, love-hearts and chocolate. Soon too, they will pass us by but one icon remains through the year. From a symbol of status in the Roman Empire to the jersey of the English rugby team; received in times of love, sorrow and sympathy; the rose is a constant companion.   

Not only does the rose look and smell beautiful, it has wonderful natural healing properties. Nourish London brings a scientific approach to skincare. Dr Pauline Hili, our chief scientist and co-founder, curates ingredients like the rose for their benefits to our skin, as well as their scent and feel.

There are hundreds of different species of roses and thousands of cultivars; horticulturists like the great David C.H Austin OBE dedicate their lives to creating new species, like the famous ‘Mary Rose’. Whilst beautiful to have in the garden, only a few offer a real benefit in skincare. Nourish London uses two specific types of rose: Rosa Canina and Rosa Damascena in their Radiance Range to create a highly effective facial oil, moisturiser and serum.

Rosehip oil is derived from the seed of the Wild Rose (Rosa Canina). It has tissue regenerating properties, repairing damaged skin cells whilst nourishing and soothing the epidermis. Rosehip oil is also a good source of Vitamin A & C.

Rose oil is made from distilling the petals of the Damask rose (Rosa Damascena). This rose has a long history associated with its healing abilities and has traditionally been used to prevent migraines in Persian medicine. Full of antiviral and antimicrobial benefits it is ideal for use on sensitive, acne-prone and normal skin types. The oil cleanses the pores, reduces wrinkles and tightens the skin whilst refining skin structure.

At Nourish London we believe that healthy skin is beautiful skin and we love to use these lovely roses to enhance your natural beauty.