The importance of the Skin's Natural Moisturising Factor

 Our Skin’s Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF)

Our skin has an amazing ability to regulate its moisture levels based on its surrounding environment thanks to its natural moisturising factor (NMF) which enables the skin to draw moisture from the air into its cells.

Our skin’s natural moisturising factor is made up of multiple amino acids and humectants that are by-products of a structural protein called filaggrin. These amino acids and humectants are recycled by our skin to create NMF. Found within the stratum corneum, or the outermost layer of the epidermis, NMF plays a crucial role in regulating skin moisture levels. Additionally, it aids in skin protection by forming a barrier against harmful microorganisms.

How Much Natural Moisturising Factor Does Your Skin Make?

Our body regulates how much NMF it makes. In low-humidity environments, our skin will naturally produce more NMF than someone who lives in a high-humidity environment. If we travel from a high-humidity environment to a dry environment it takes our skin barrier function a few days to adjust the amount of NMF it makes to rehydrate our skin surface.

However, there are many factors that affect how much NMF our skin produces, and this can affect our skin’s ability to retain moisture. Our skin’s NMF also decreases with age, which is one reason why aging skin is more prone to dryness and lack of radiance. Exposure to UV light can also cause a decrease in NMF production.

It's so important to help the skin maintain its NMF levels at around 15% to maintain a strong skin barrier. This is essential for healthy skin as it helps the skin retain moisture and protect it from environmental pollution which can lead to dryness and early aging.

How we can help maintain the Skin’s Natural Moisturising Factor

Ingredients that are known to mimic the skin’s NMF such as fatty acids, ceramides, trehalose, and hyaluronic acid can help the skin stay well hydrated and protect it from environmental pollution.

Cleansing and preparing the skin for the next stages of your skincare routine with essence can help improve its efficacy as the skin is better able to absorb the active elements in serums and moisturisers when it is sufficiently hydrated.


Step 1 - Cleanse

Cleansing is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine as removing impurities and deeply cleansing the skin enables the skin to regenerate itself more effectively and become more receptive to subsequent products, ultimately revealing a more radiant complexion.

Choose a cleanser according to your skin’s needs. 

Kale 3D cleanser is perfect for all skin types, but particularly beneficial for oily or congested skin as it gently but deeply cleanses the skin, removing makeup and any impurities while providing non-greasy hydration

For mature and dry skin, our Skin Renew Argan Cleanser cleanses whilst keeping the skin protected, with a hydrating formula of natural oils. 

Step 2 - Prep

After this first cleansing step, apply an essence which is a lightweight, water-based skin care product with a high concentration of ingredients that are active in hydrating, protecting, and enhancing skin health.

Apply the essence to clean skin to boost the moisture levels in the skin cells. Gently tap into the skin allowing it to absorb fully before applying your serum and moisturiser.

Our Ceramide Moisture Boost Essence is a cruelty free lightweight essence that provides an intensive boost of immediate hydration to enhance your beauty routine. It delivers the perfect layer of moisture after cleansing and toning to soften and prepare the skin for the next steps of your skincare routine. Its texture lies somewhere in between a toner and a serum and serves as the foundation of any skincare routine for all skin types. It acts as a primer that enhances the efficacy of all your other leave-on products.

With a moisture-boosting blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Trehalose that mimics the skin’s natural moisturising factor (NMF), and Ceramides, skin repairing Probiotic Minerals and supercharged Kale Sprout extract, the skin will look and feel nourished, plumped, and radiant. Ideal for rebalancing hormonal dehydrated, menopausal, and temperamental skin.

Expertly formulated to optimise the skin’s moisture levels in all climates to prevent dehydration and packed with a blend of super hydrating of ingredients to nourish the skin, including:

Super Greens - An antioxidant-rich blend of upcycled olives and kale sprouts which help combat the negative effects of oxidation on aging and enhance skin radiance.

Trehalose: Mimics the skin’s Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF), allowing each layer of the skin to retain moisture, protecting against dryness, and helping to reduce the visible signs of aging.

Vege Ceramides: Helps repair the skin barrier, and increase moisture levels, reducing skin dryness and soothing the skin

Hyaluronic Acid: Restores hydration and keeps the skin enriched and nourished.

Probiotic Minerals: Natural minerals Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, and Iron calm the most sensitive skin over from the irritating effects many other compounds of pollution and help rebalance sebum production.

Willow Bark: A natural exfoliant that balances sebum levels, decongests pores, and keeps skin hydrated.

Fragranced with vanilla and benzoin: A sweet and warm fragrance suitable for all skin types such as acne prone skin and normal skin types.

So, if you’re skincare has plateaued and your usual serums and moisturisers aren’t working, you’re finding that your skin is dehydrated no matter how often you moisturise, try this cleanse and prep routine for a few weeks and you’ll find that your skin is much more receptive to the moisturising step.