How to survive the Festive Season

As we countdown to Christmas, the excitement and celebrations start to take their toll.  Changes to routine, late nights, richer food plus extra stress during this festive season can be a challenge for your skin just when you want to look your best.  We’ve put together some tips for staying calm and keeping your skin looking radiant right through to Christmas and the New Year.

Make sure you take some time for yourself. This time of year is a great time to slow downsimplify things and take care of self. Sit back, light a candle, turn off your phone and pamper yourself – soak in a bath, treat yourself to a face mask and sip a calming tea or if you have the time, practice some yoga. Yoga can involve something as easy as lighting a candle, sitting still and watching the flame burn. 

Probiotic Multi-Mineral Repair Mask

Get enough sleep. Sleep-patterns that can go haywire at this time of year because the circadian rhythm is under stress. The circadian rhythm is the 24-hour internal clock that regulates critical functions such as behaviour, hormone levels, body temperature, metabolism and sleep - the whole rhythm can be altered when there is a temporary mismatch between our external environment and this internal biological clock, for example, too many late nights and going to sleep later than usual. Spritz your pillow with Sleepy Pillow Mist to ensure a restful night’s sleep lovely long unbroken night of calm to restore beauty and wellbeing.

Sleepy Pillow Mist

Don’t neglect your skin. At the end of a long day and night, its tempting to skip the cleansing step. Make-up and dirt will sit on the skin and allow free radicals to attack the dermis. So make sure you cleanse away the impurities with Nourish London’s Kale 3D Cleanse or Skin Renew Cleanser.

Kale 3D Cleanse

Protecting the lipid layer is key at this time of year. Use a good serum and moisturiser to quench thirsty skin and lock in moisture to protect and firm and smooth the skin. If the late nights and rich food are making your skin appear dull and lacklustre, our Radiance Rejuvenating Peptide Serum contains specialist Tonka bean extract which emits visible light to boost skin's natural luminosity, and Alpine foxberry, traditionally known for its skin-brightening properties, enhancing natural radiance and giving an even skin tone. Or, for added festive sparkle, try our Illuminating Face ShimmerBlends with moisturiser or your foundation for a natural glow or used on its own as a highlighter for an enhanced shimmer effect. 

Radiance Rejuvenating Peptide Serum

As you head out the door, don’t forget your hands, particularly in this cold weather – Nourish London’s Kale Anti-Ageing Hand Cream calms and soothes while reducing discolouration, nourishing dry, chapped hands.

Kale Anti-Ageing Hand Cream