Be Kind to Yourself this January

We can all feel a little flat in January after the excitement of the festive season. Research has shown that our mental health can affect our skin and conversely, the state of our skin can have an impact on our self esteem and how we're feeling.

At Nourish London, we are passionate about helping our customers feel good. We've put together a few tips as to how you can boost your wellbeing well into the New Year.


1. EXERCISE: One of the best things you can do for your physical and mental wellbeing is to exercise. Whether you’re running, practising yoga or just going for a walk, exercise gets the blood pumping, which is great for your complexion as well as your body, and can help to change your mindset and self-esteem. If you can exercise outside in a green space or near nature, even better.

2. GET A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP: An easy and effective way to improve how we feel about ourselves and the appearance of the skin is with a good night’s sleep. How much sleep we need varies between individuals, but 8 hours is a good target. Quality is just as important as quantity. If getting to sleep is difficult, try journaling to get all those buzzing thoughts down on paper, some simple yoga moves to stretch out any  stresses of the day, and deep breathing exercises with soothing aromas, such as those in our Sleepy Pillow Mist.

3. TAKE DEEP BREATHS: While breathing comes naturally, the amount of oxygen your body is receiving will differ, and there are ways to breathe that can help to improve physical and mental health. Try taking slow deep breaths as this can help improve physical and mental health.

4. TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF: We can often get caught up in the daily list of chores and its easy to spend the day ticking off our to do list rather than just ‘being’. Making your daily skincare regime a reward and some well-deserved ‘me time’ rather than a chore can help you reset. You could even treat yourself to a face mask like our Probiotic Multi-Mineral Repair Mask which contains soothing damask rose and lavender.

5. BE KIND TO YOURSELF: All too often we’re our own greatest critic. Showing a little self-compassion can make a real difference to our skin health, mental and physical wellbeing. Pay attention to your inner dialogue – if you’re being hard on yourself, remind yourself of something you’ve done well, and that you’re only human and doing the best you can. Keeping a journal can also help by reminding yourself of the day’s highlights – every day has at least one.