Choosing a Cleanser that will go the extra mile for you.....

Urban air contains many invisible pollutants that can undermine the health of our skin. 

Common pollutants like ozone,  sulphur dioxide and lead  all have damaging effects on the skin and can leave it looking dull and lacking radiance. But the appearance is only part of the problem; more worrying is that long term exposure to pollutants can result in dryness, premature ageing, even  acne and rashes.

So cleansing is possibly the most important element of any skin care routine and milk cleansers are very efficient at removing these  pollutants without stripping the skin of its protective layers.

 How do you choose the right cleanser?  Why not select a cleanser that will do more for you than just cleanse?

 If you have been skipping meals or burning the candle at both ends the BALANCE is the one for you.  This formulation of B vitamins will re-energise cells. 


Are you short of a good night’s sleep – RELAX will help you out with it’s wonderful lavender oil.


If you are feeling emotionally drained and need a little pepping up, try RADIANCE with tonka bean to brighten the skin. You’ll look and feel more radiant.


PROTECT will add some zing with its lovely aroma of lemon and mandarin.  And it’s packed with antioxidants to  protect your skin from stress and pollution.