Brand founder and formulator, Dr Pauline Hili tells us about why she is so pleased to be working with leading grant-making breast cancer charity, Walk the Walk.

Nourish London Supporting Walk the Walk breast cancer charity: Limited Edition Radiance Firming Facial Oil

One of the most rewarding things about being in business is the opportunity you have to reach out and create collaborations with organisations and people that you admire to make wonderful opportunities happen. To share goals and values to create something that is greater than the sum of the parts.

This year we have the privilege of being an official sponsor for Walk the Walk, the largest grant-making breast cancer charity in the UK.

Walk the Walk came into being 23 years ago when just 13 women, led by Nina Barough, power walked the New York City Marathon in their bras to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. 

I recently got to spend time with Nina Barough, CBE, Founder and Chief Executive of Walk the Walk. What a pleasure it was to spend time with someone so single-mindedly focused on making a difference. The momentum and inspiration from being around people like Nina is infectious and I came away even more determined to ensure Nourish London exceeds our own expectations in this collaboration. 

Walk the Walk extols the value of keeping healthy and active to fulfil your own potential for wellbeing through walking. This chimes with our core principle at Nourish London – that healthy skin is the foundation for beautiful skin. Because your skin is a dynamic, changing organ, it is important to assess what your skin needs and to adjust your skincare regime as it changes with hormonal changes, season or lifestyle. We will deliver the vitamins, minerals and oils plus actives needed.

To support Walk the Walk, we chose to create a Limited Edition of our award-winning Radiance Firming Facial Oil, a product which embodies the Walk the Walk’s aim to encourage a healthy lifestyle and is loved by Nina. £2.50 from every bottle sold this year will be donated to this wonderful charity.

This Limited Edition pack features the iconic Walk the Walk bra logo. This symbol is a constant reminder that breast cancer can affect us all and we need to never end in our efforts to beat it. We should strive to find ways to make the treatments more comfortable, the psychological support better and the scientific research exceptional – Walk the Walk supports all of these areas.

Several years ago, when I first formulated the Radiance Firming Facial Oil, we were looking to create something that captured the power of nature into a beautiful product with exceptional performance on the skin. We created a powerful blend of ingredients; a unique blend of organic oils to nourish the skin plus an active ingredient to firm and restore elasticity of the skin.

This features macadamia oil, rich in omega 9, to support cell regeneration and reduce local inflammation in the skin; Vitamin C-rich rosehip oil helps build strong collagen. Borage and pumpkin seed oil, with their high levels of gamma linoleic acid, help the skin reach optimum health and reduce sensitivities. This potent essential oil blend, based on my own published research, is known to reduce the effects of collagen-damaging molecules on the skin.

Our active ingredient is the ocean’s gift of healthy skin. An algae extract with superior antioxidant activity to improve levels of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin bringing a smoother firmer appearance. 

The result is a powerful oil, yet gentle enough for use by all – even the most sensitive of skins. 

All in all a power pack to support the work of this great charity. 

Nina Barough adds “It is wonderful to work with a company that shares similar ethical values to Walk the Walk. I personally love the Radiance Firming Facial Oil, not to mention the gorgeous Limited Edition pink box which makes it even more special. What a very lovely way to give your skin a special treat, while raising money to help fight breast cancer.”