1. Competition winners will be picked at random the day after the competition closes.

2. We notify the winner by email or through private messages on social media.

3. The prize will then be sent out by mail. Please allow at least 4 weeks to receive your prize. However if you have not received your prize after this time please contact us at info@nourishskinrange.com.

4. By participating in competitions you agree to receive emails and/or marketing materials from Nourish London.

5. You can un-subscribe from these emails at any time.

6. We have final jurisdiction over selection of winners.

7. We adhere to the Data Protection Act. We do not send unsolicited email and only email those who have submitted their email address. We will not give, loan or sell your details to any third party other than the individual company running the competitions that you enter, and you can un-subscribe from those individual companies emails yourself at any time.

8. We do not accept automated or multiple entries to our competitions or entry by syndicates. All such entries will be disqualified. Anyone who found multiple accounts to enter will be ineligible too.