Nurtures and soothes skin prone to stress and allergic response

Nourish Relax range features an innovative blend of soothing and anti-inflammatory plant extracts chosen to gently care for sensitive skin. It is designed to help skin resist damage and restore healthy vitality.

NATURE: Ideal for sensitive skin

NURTURE:  Feeling stressed?

We can all feel a little irritated at times, our skin is just the same. Give a little love with our Nourish Relax Peptide Serum, enhanced with an innovative synergistic anti-inflammatory extract of bisabolol and ginger - skin is soothed and calm is restored.

Our Nourish Relax Skin Hero: Carrot

The humble carrot is remarkably good for your skin. Rich in antioxidant betacarotene to protect cell integrity, carrot helps skin resist the damaging cascade effects of sensitivity - reaction, inflammation and redness.

Enhanced with soothing lavender oil, Relax soothes and protects the skin, leaving it refreshed, at peace, and ready to tackle the day ahead.

As well as its well-known skin nurturing properties, lavender's aromatherapeutic qualities soothe tension and encourage relaxation.

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