CLEANSED- Inside & out with Kale

Inspired by the gentle cleansing effect of our new Kale Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser, I decided to go one step further.  Try this cleansing and invigorating salad to complete the picture.   It only takes a minute or two to prepare; you’ll love the colours and the refreshing taste  (recipe below).

Why is this salad so good for you?  Remember kale is a real ‘superfood’ packed with vitamins A, C and K plus antioxidants, whilst essential oils are delivered by the Argan oil and avocado. Pomegranate  provides vitamins C and E and recent research highlights its role in cleansing the circulatory system, increasing oxygen flow to the heart and helping to prevent heart disease.

The active ingredients in the Kale Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser include:

Organic kale extract: to  improve suppleness and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and redness.

Pomegranate enzyme: an excellent natural skin rejuvenator.

Probiotic: to stimulate collagen synthesis, increase oxygen uptake and cellular renewal.

Griffonia extract: to  revive and lift the skin and reduce fine lines. Its blend of carbohydrates provides a unique defence mechanism to protect skin against environmental stress.

Argan oil: to provide tissue healing and sun protection.


Ingredients for the salad

Finely sliced kale  (2 or 3 leaves)

Cucumber  (¼)

Lettuce (A few leaves)

Avocado (Half)

Toasted pumpkin seeds (1 tablespoon)

Pomegranate seeds (2 tablespoons)

Argan oil (1 desert spoon)

Pomegranate molasses (1 teaspoon)

(Optional  - 2 oz of chick peas if you want to increase the protein content)


Slice and dice the kale, cucumber and avocado. Tear the lettuce into pieces and mix in. 

(Add the  chick peas if using)

Sprinkle the pomegranate seeds and pumpkin seeds over the leaves mix

Drizzle Argan oil and molasses over the salad. 

Enjoy the cleanse – inside and out!